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I know how important making memories is for you, mama, and that’s why I have partnered with Lasting Memories this Black Friday. If you haven’t checked the work of Alecia at Lasting Memories, GO, do it now!!! You are going to want to take advantage of this exclusive newborn package I’m offering on Black Friday. I will be sending out an early bird email so be sure to subscribe to my email list! Alecia was kind enough to answer some questions for me about what life casting is all about and most importantly why she loves it so much!

First, tell me a little bit about yourself!

My name is Alecia! I’m 26 and the sole owner of my business, Lasting Memories. I’m a huge lover of animals. I have a cat named Bubbles and a dog named Daisy Mae. I would have a house full of animals if it wasn’t for my allergies. I’m currently living in Ingersoll. I grew up in the teeny town of Thamesford, I love it and miss it dearly. I have a wonderful boyfriend, we’ve been together for almost 7 years.

How did you get started doing life casts?

I studied Advanced Special Effects Makeup at Sheridan and fell in love with the mould making process. Turning something so messy into a beautiful work of art is so rewarding. I’m not the best sculptor so I got really good at making moulds in group projects. I took those skills and some of my own knowledge to create lifecasts for friends and family. After doing a few I had numerous people asking for appointments. After about a year I got my business license and went legit. My first cast I did was a belly cast for a pregnant friend of mine. The first baby I had a pleasure of casting was just 7 days old. Now the youngest I’ve had was just 3 days old. I joked that they stopped at the studio before going home lol.

What is your favourite cast you have done?

My favourite cast would be a mother and daughter I completed a year ago. My client messaged me asking if I could squeeze in herself and her mom as she wasn’t sure how much time her mother had left. Honestly, I was so nervous. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The day the appointment came I was thinking it was going to be very somber and sad. It was the complete opposite. Her mom was so inspiring and positive. Both ladies changed my view on those types of casts. It made me realize that what I do can have a truly huge impact on someone’s life. She now has her hand holding her mothers forever, and I was able to give them that. When we did the cast I noticed part of the mould tore when they removed their hands. I asked if they would do a second one to make sure it’s good. Usually if that happens I can fix it up if it’s something minor, or we redo it but I wasn’t sure if they’d have the chance to come back. I filled both casts and I still have the first cast in my studio. It’s a reminder of what I can do and the impact I have.

Why do you think people should have this done and what do you want people to know about this process?

It’s so cool! Every hand is so unique and tells a story. Many people are worried about how their hands look in a lifecast. Wrinkles, age spots and lines are all a part of life. Families look past that when looking at a cast. They see someone’s mother, father, grandparent etc.. Many of my clients tell me how excited they are to pass on their cast to the next generation. Couples casts are a symbol of love and union. Baby casts show how small a child once was. They grow so quickly and we forget how quickly a tiny little human can become a big human. Dog paws are always fun. Everyone assumes they’re the hardest since they move. I’ll tell you this, babies are harder most of the time lol. I can feed a dog peanut butter and they don’t care what’s going on with their paw. Babies? Not always the case. I mean, I’m happy when I’m eating too. But boy are they strong. A sleeping or eating baby is the best.

What is your favourite local business?

My favourite local business is Katie’s Creations. Not just because she’s my mom, but because she does phenomenal work. She creates signs and decorations that are quality work and full of love. With her laser machine I can create engravings and cut out names for my pieces. Her pieces can be found at Gracie’s Place, or directly from my moms home.

Thank you so much to Alecia for sitting down and answering my questions about lifecasting.
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