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As moms sometimes we are so busy caring for our babies that we forget that we need to look after ourselves too. Lunch is always the meal for me that gets forgotten about and so many days I end up not eating until 2 in the afternoon because I’m so busy making lunches for others, changing diapers or cleaning up the trail of mess my kids leave behind as they go about their day.  This is just not something that works well for me and if you ask my husband I’m sure he will agree. I get Hangry, with a capitol H! I’m already on a restrictive diet because of food allergies so sometimes finding easy protein is difficult and protein. As I am breastfeeding my 18 month old I find it really important to have a good rounded meal with lots of protein.  I have a few go to lunch meals that are easy to throw together and keep well in the fridge so I can eat it one or two days in a row, and they are pretty shareable with my kids too!

1. Bean Salads
These are so easy to just mix and match with what you have available in your fridge and are packed with protein. I make a big batch of the base and throw in a few fresh things everyday to mix it up! I usually give my daughter some of the tuna, cucumber and avocado separately for her lunch too which is a great time saver!

My favourite base mix is:
Can of chick peas – Good source of protein
Cucumber cubed
Red pepper cubed
Onion thinly sliced

Things I like to add right before eating are:
Tomatoes cubed up or a cherry/grape variety because it’s easier and quicker
Can of tuna – Good source of protein
Avocado – healthy fats

My favourite dressings:
Olive oil & vinegar with salt and pepper
Ranch salad dressing

2. Taco Dip
This really is less of a dip and more like a salad that you can eat with corn chips and something that I like to eat on a busy day when I don’t get a chance to actually sit at a table!

Mix together:
1 can of lentils – Good source of protein
1 can of black beans – Good source of protein
1 can of corn
1 red pepper chopped
1 onion chopped
Brown sugar to taste (approx. a tablespoon)
Olive oil
Apple cider vinegar

Mix this all together is a container and eat with corn chips. Tostitos scoops work really well! If I have extra avocado I will also cube that up and eat it with it for extra good fats!

3. Picnic Plates
I like this because it’s easy to throw together with what you have in the house and I can make it for our kids too. I just make sure I hate lots of mix and match ideas in our fridge and throw them on a plate for lunch. I try to make sure they have a good amount of protein and vegetables on them.

My go to ideas are:
Hummus with crackers or carrot sticks (you can get individual hummus at Costco, I like this so I don’t have to eat a huge tub of hummus in a few days)
Hard boiled eggs
Rolled up cold meats, left over sausage sliced up or pepperoni sticks
Cheese cubed up
Apple slices
Whole grain toast
Smoked mussels – good source of iron (although not something everyone likes!)

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