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If you don’t already know, I’m a big researcher. I **enjoy** spending hours upon hours reading and comparing product specs and reviews, learning the ins and outs of all the products and making pro and con lists in my head. Prepping for the birth of my first child was like Christmas for me. I’d be up in the wee hours of the night reading stroller reviews, gushing over the pretty photos and colours, debating 3 wheels or 4 (I’m a total 4 wheel kinda gal). There were so many decisions to be made on the things we would use for the next few years, and oddly the one thing that wasn’t on my radar was newborn photos. I had looked, but 6 years ago newborn photography wasn’t what it is today.  It seemed daunting to spend that kind of money on photo’s when there were so many other things to buy! My sister was just getting into newborn photography as well, and even though she was expecting too, with a due date only a few weeks after mine we figured we would take that chance. After all, how could I afford photo’s when I was dreaming of that premium stroller?!  Well, I’m sure a lot of you know how this story ends, with my sister and I’s dear baby boys being born a mere 4 days apart. Who could have predicted that?
It was only after I missed out on those photo’s of our brand new baby that I fully realized the importance of having them done. Fun fact, I don’t even own that original stroller anymore. I own a second hand, 3 wheeler that folds with only one hand and was a fraction of the price. It was a pretty great kijiji score! If I had of done that in the first place I could have ended up with:


Now, this isn’t a story about me scolding everyone for spending money on the “wrong” things. This is a story about what I can do to help. Something else you might already know about me is, I like to have **ALLLLL THE THINGS**
I want the pretty stroller, and the new technology and the gorgeous photo’s on my walls, and I’m sure (I hope!) I’m not the only one. It’s made me think about how I can offer what I do, to more people who may be in my boat (my boat full of awesome things), and I think I have come up with an answer.


These special session’s are approx. 1 hour long and include 6 photo’s for digital download. You choose a colour (dark brown, warm grey, dark blue, dark pink, green, or white) and an accent colour and I will style the session. These are perfect for the person who only wants a few gorgeous photo’s of their beautiful baby. These session’s are available in limited quantities for the month of February, March and April. This session is NOT for you if you want family, sibling parent photo’s as well as more control over styling or any “naked” photo’s of your baby. If you are interested in that, please contact me for information on a full session!

Keep on scrolling to see more examples of these gorgeous sessions, or contact me here for to book!

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