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We are so lucky to have someone so gifted in our community to help expectant and new moms. Rebecca knows all about the changes that happen your body when your expecting. Learn about pre and postnatal massage and why Rebecca is so passionate about nurturing mothers during this time. Have a read below and stay tuned for packages we collaborated on for Black Friday!

First, tell me a bit about yourself and how you got started with massage therapy!

I have been a RMT for 12 years and have been doing Acupuncture for 9 years and I love them both. I got started with massage therapy right out of high school and have been doing it ever since and growing my business. My main focus was to be in a relaxing environment and I am to the point in my career where this is the most relaxing place I can be in my day. I have a passion for fixing people who have a lot of pain from injury, chronic conditions or postpartum. I have taken specialty courses for pre/post natal massage as well as foam rolling which can all help with getting the body ready to destress for fertility, or getting ready for labour and delivery.

Also, I teach one on one comfort measures sessions so dads can massage moms through labour which helps reduce pain as well gives dad a job to do! We also offer cupping, therapeutic ultrasound and my fascial release. Other services at our location on 513 Dundas St are Acupressure, Shiatsu and Fascial Stretch Therapy with That Stretch Girl! Yoga Sessions with Maddy and Pilates with Inspired to Move.

Why do you think people should have this done and what do you want people to know about prenatal massage?

I am also a mom of a 2.5 year old and a 10 month old baby. I took extra training in prenatal and postnatal massage and exercise care because I am a practice what you preach kind of therapist and want the best for my clients as well as for myself to be in the best shape I can be. Having prenatal massage is very important to prepare your body for the marathon of labour. It helps make sure everything is relaxed to make the transition into motherhood a little easier.

Postnatal massage is important and not talked about enough. Many people leave with a new baby and never talk about how their body is suppose to get put back together. Sitting up, walking, exercising, posture and everything after giving birth is different from what you are use to. It’s best to have those things cared for and exercises given to maintain good health and keep your pain managed and your body from leaking where it shouldn’t.

You offer a variety of different services at your business, which is your favourite?

My favourite service that we offer at 513 Dundas is a full body massage including a deep scalp massage! Nothing is better than waking up all of the nerves in your body and releasing endorphins in your brain to give a euphoric feeling. This is also safe for everyone!

What is your favourite local business?

I love all of the local shops in Woodstock, one of my FAVOURITE local businesses is Scotch & Lace. Not just because of their great selection of fun clothing and accessories. The shop girls are super supportive of other local businesses, they are super fun to be around and they are huge into community involvement with encouraging other businesses around them to succeed! We have been neighbours since they started!

You can find more about Rebecca at her website as well as book appointments with her and other practitioners. Sign up to my mailing list if you want EARLY ACCESS to my Black Friday Packages!

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