Woodstock’s Bit’chin Kitchen!

You did it mama, and you should be so proud. You made it through your first year as a mom. You’ve learned so much about your baby. Their favourite foods, the toys that make them laugh and the way they like to sleep (or not!). 

It’s time to celebrate this milestone! Cake smashes are such a fun way to show off your little one’s personality. Will they dig right in, or be more reserved? Will they only eat their cake with a fork (true story!). Book my exclusive Black Friday cake smash package and find out! You’ll receive a gift certificate to order a custom smash cake from Dianna at The Bit’chin Kitchen!

First, tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got started!

I’ve been a cake decorator for about 25 years. I started working at a grocery store while in high school and spent a lot of time learning in the bakery. I also worked at Dee-Lights bakery for many years and still help out there when needed. As I don’t operate a storefront, every order that I do is custom. I love working with clients and making their cake dreams come true. My favourite orders are when my clients trust me to design the cake for them and let me have creative control. I’ve never been much of an artist but putting a cookie or cake in my hands and that allows my creative spirit to flow.

What do you want people to know about having custom cakes made?

Custom cakes and cookies take time to design, bake and create the vision that my client wants and expects. I don’t take every order that comes my way as not each request fits into my type and style of decorating but I love being able to refer these orders out to other local bakers. There’s something very special when women in the same business are able to support each other and not view each other as competition but as colleagues and friends.

What is your favourite local business?

My favourite local business….that’s a tough one. We have so many gems in Oxford County and I try to do my best to support and shop local.

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